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Articles by Henry Corbin:

Mundus Imaginalis 
Or the Imaginary and the Imaginal

Eyes of Flesh and Eyes of Fire
Science and Gnosis

Comparative Philosophy and Phenomenology

The Visionary Dream in Islamic Spirituality

The Force of Traditional Philosophy in Iran Today 

The Dramatic Element Common 
to the Gnostic Cosmogonies of the Religions of the Book 

The Paradox of Monotheism 

Apophatic Theology as Antidote to Nihilism

Manichéisme et religion de la beauté 

L’homme de lumière dans le soufisme iranien


From ‘Heidegger to Suhrawardi’
An Introduction to the thought of Henry Corbin
Samir Mahmoud

The Prophetic Tradition and the Battle for the Soul of the World 
An Introduction to the Spiritual Vision of Henry Corbin
Tom Cheetham

Dogmas, Idols and the Edge of Chaos 
Tom Cheetham

The earth is an angel. Mazdean angelology 
Afshin Afshari

Becoming an Angel
The Mundus imaginalis of Henry Corbin and the Platonic path of self-knowledge
Angela Voss

A methodology of the imagination 
Angela Voss

Henry Corbin and his Understanding of Ismailism 
Zayn Kassam

Between Heidegger and the Hidden Imam
Reflections on Henry Corbin’s Approachesto Mystical Islam
Nile Green

Henry Corbin: from Heidegger to Mullâ Sadrâ 
Hermeneutics and the Unique Quest of Being
Reza Akbarian Amélie Neuve-Eglise

Henry Corbin, explorateur des terres d’émeraude 
Pierre Lory

Le Parcours Philosophique de Henry Corbin
Daniel Proulx


The Corbin Trilogy
Ton Cheetham

The World Turned Inside Out
Tom Cheetham

All the World an Icon 
Henry Corbin and the Angelic Function of Beings
Tom Cheetham

Alone with the Alone 
Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn 'Arabi

Swedenborg and Esoteric Islam

The Man of Light
In Iranian Sufism

History of Islamic Philosophy

Avicenna and the Visionary Recital

Cyclical Time and Ismaili Gnosis

Spiritual Body, Celestial Earth 

The voyage and the messenger 

Tempel and Contemplation

En Islam Iranien. Tome I

Inside Iranian Islam. Volume II

Amis Corbin: Livres en Français